You’ll see plenty of pictures of the finished product. “But what about the inside?” we hear you ask. Well we’re pretty good at that too. We want your cake to taste as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. Listed below are some of the favourites.  We also cater for food allergys so that everyone at your event can have “Another Slice”.

Chocolate biscuit cake – is our favourite, made with your choice of chocolate, including Milk or Dark Belgian chocolate, Galaxy, Dairy milk or even Toblerone!  We also add a few little deicious extras like Malteesers, Crunchie, caramel chews and mini marshmallows.

Classic fruit cake – Traditionally used for Christmas or Wedding cakes.  This cake needs to be ordered at least a month in advance as it is generously fed with brandy over several weeks for that extra richness.

Death by Chocolate & Baileys – What a way to go!  Rich chocolate cake laced with Baileys, this is sure to have all your guests asking for “Another Slice”!  Not one for the kids!

Red Velvet cake – A deliciously rich and smooth red cake filled with a cream cheese frosting, covered with a white chocolate ganashe.

Carrot cake – A classic favourite, (can be made with or without raisins and walnuts) filled with classic cream cheese frosting and covered with a white chocolate ganashe.

Classic Madeira cake –  This delightful classic can be flavoured with the traditional vanilla, but for a change, why not try our delicious rasberry, lemon, orange or bubblegum flavours.

Rich chocolate Cake – A well loved favourite by all!  filled with chocolate buttercream and covered with a chocolate ganashe.

Coffee & Walnut, Apple & Cinnamon and Victoria Sponge are other favourites.

If you have don’t see your favourite cake here, just ask and I’m sure we can make it for you.